I was installing some module and found that there are some test class that extend Scenario :

namespace Aheadworks\SocialLogin\Test\TestCase;

use Magento\Mtf\TestCase\Scenario;

 * Preconditions:
 * 1. @TODO
 * Steps:
 * 1. Set login block settings
 * 2. Flush cache
 * 3. Go to customer login page
 * 4. Click login via %provider%
 * 5. Submit credentials
 * 6. Go to customer account Social Accounts tab
 * 7. Assert linked account
 * @group @TODO
class CustomerSocialLoginTest extends Scenario
     * Run scenario
    public function test()

But the problem here is the Scenario class is not found anywhere, This troubles me when trying to run the unit test.

Do I need to install some other module or other extension in compose.json ?


After hours of searching I found that there is some additional steps in order to run the Mtf or Magento Testing Framwork.

You can find it more about how to install and run this test here :

cd <magento2_root_dir>/dev/tests/functional/
composer install



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