When dealing with the Magento v2 API, I faced a problem where getting product details have inconsistent data from REST API.

Example 1:

enter image description here

Example 2:

enter image description here

These are Note 8 and iPhone 8 data and we can see that the custom_attributes[10] is having different attribute code. The Note 8's custom_attrbutes[10] is url_key. The iPhone 8's custom_attributes[10] is country_of_manufacture.

Can i have some suggestions how to handle this kind of data?


You can convert the array to a different structure with the attribute codes as keys. How exactly depends on which language you are using to process the result.

In JavaScript you can use reduce:

var input = [
    {'attribute_code' : 'meta_title', 'value' : 'lorem'},
    {'attribute_code' : 'meta_keyword', 'value' : 'ipsum'},

var customAttributes = input.reduce(function(result, item) {
    result[item.attribute_code] = item.value;
    return result;
}, {});

This code creates an object by walking through all array items in input (the custom_attributes result from the API) and applying a function on it.

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    Isn't there anyway to get this directly in the result by altering the request? Something like /rest/V1/products?fields=items[sku,price,name,custom_attributes[my_custom_field]] (I know this doesn't work, it's an example)
    – Wietse
    Aug 9 '17 at 15:37

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