I noticed in my e-shop that there were a couple of mysterious customers that were signing up and I decided to stop it. The way I chose to do it was to create an extra field in the sign up page in


Its style would be style="display:none" so that it would be not visible. This form sends tits data with the $this->getPostActionUrl(). So the concept would be to check if the field is filled and if yes, stop the execution of the program (like die(); ). I found the getFormData() function which is:

  public function getFormData()

    $data = $this->getData('form_data');
    $china = $data['firstname'];      

    if (is_null($data)) {          
        $formData = Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')->getCustomerFormData(true);             
        $data = new Varien_Object();          
        if ($formData) {                                
        if (isset($data['region_id'])) {
            $data['region_id'] = (int)$data['region_id'];                  
        $variable = $this->setData('form_data', $data);           


    return $data;

What I am trying to figure out is how to perform the check in this method in order to check if the hidden field is filled. Thank you for the help in advance!!!

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OK, for this approach, I was looking in the wrong file. The right one was in the AccountController.php file and the createPostAction() in which I had to perform the test like:

if (!empty($_POST['name'])){

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