I have one weird issue using Paypal Express Checkout. When the paypal redirect back to Mangeto on paypal/express/review page , it do not allow me to place order, the Place order button is showing disable and no action clicking on "update order data" button .

I trace the code and I found that on file skin/theme/default/js/checkout/review.js line number 144 its always pass the value true . i.e. the validateform is always returning false.


I check with the form and all the data are added correctly. Its not showing any error as well. Its also not showing any error if i remove any require field value .

FYI , we have not added billing agreement checkbox on the form.

What could be the issue ?



I had a same kind of issue and fixed with this tweaking. However, seems like this is the bug, I am awaiting response from magento team on this.

  1. find file "template/paypal/review.phtml" ... if you don't have this file in your theme, just copy it from the base theme
  2. Add add the lines of code after //Workaround to unbind the event listeners for the agreement checkboxes at the bottom of the file. Take the code from here: https://gist.github.com/4503260
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