I am new to magento web services, but i want to create create or use web services. So any one help to guide where to start and how to check,

As i have created user for web services and i don't know how to check the magento web services.

I have searched lot i am getting the codes but i don't know where to place these codes and how to check.

This may be silly question, I need help on this.

thanks in advance.


If you want to test the examples provided in here you can simply create a php (call it api_test.php) file with the contents from one of the examples and just call it in the browser. http://somedomain.com/api_test.php. It does not have to be on the same domain as your magento instance.

For a nicer UI I recommend using soapUi. It is a java tool that let's you test your SOAP (seams it supports REST also).
Just create a new SOAP project, fill in the url of your wsdl and enjoy.

For API v1 the wsdl url is http://your_magento_root/api/soap/?wsdl=1
For API v2 the wsdl url is http://your_magento_root/api/v2_soap/?wsdl=1


The following links will guide you to create web services in Magento. Before you start creating a new web service, try to get a better understanding of the theory behind the magento web services. (First two articles will guide you for this)









  • thanks for help, but i need to know how to check – Helphin Apr 24 '14 at 11:13

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