So i have a problem with 1 category in my shop that is displaying only the last 3 items. The reason why is unknown.


I have a total of 20 grouped products in this category and a total of 100 products under those 20 grouped products (5/grouped product). Now when i go to `

products->categories->the category-> products in category

i can choose which products are displayed within that category. If i select 4 items only the last 3 will display (last 3 in that list according to ID).

So :

  • Product 1 -> not show
  • Product 2 -> shown
  • Product 3 -> shown
  • Product 4 -> shown

If i add another product then :

  • Product 1 -> not show
  • Product 2 -> not show
  • Product 3 -> shown
  • Product 4 -> shown
  • Product 5 -> shown

And so on.

Even more so if i put the indexing to 'on save' it has not issues but that not ideal for sending emails as far as i understand. I would need to resave every product in order to show them. But as soon as the php bin/magento indexer:reindex runs (trough cron or manual) it would go back to only showing the last 3 items.

Even more weird is that this is only withing 1 category as far as i can see (a lot of category's so i can't be 100% sure).

I have this problems since updating to magento 2.1.7

anyone any idea?


If i add another simple product it shows 3 products (2 grouped and that single product). So i this is for all products and not only grouped

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I have solved this issue for this 1 category by deleting it and recreating it.

No idea what the problem is/was.

I will now do a check if every category has all the products within them. or the problem has been moved. Also i will verify this as an answer if the problem did not move to another category

Note : problem was indexer being invalid and caching being invalid because of a module called 'Plumrocket Private sales'. After deleting it i could run indexer and caching again and all problems where solved!

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