I'm so sorry, I'm really new to Magento - I've tried my best to solve what is probably a very simple problem but I just can't find the solution. After installing magento2, the folder is located at mysite.com/magento2, and this is the URL that I can access my Magento store from. However, I want my store to be accessible from mysite.com. How would I go about achieving this?


you can First update mysite.com/magento2 to mysite.com in the web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url URLs core_config_data.

clear /var/cache , /var/generate, var/page_cache

In your command prompt goto magento root:

bin/magento setup:upgrade.

bin/magento setup:di:compile

Set permission to /var and /pub files and folder.


To anyone wondering, I managed to sort it out. I had Magento installed on a folder called Magento 2 on the server. I moved all of the files from this into the root of the server, then went on phpMyAdmin, selected my database, went into the core_config_data table and changed both web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url to http://www.example.com

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