I am using magento with another php site.when a user register or login in magento user will register or login in php site also and vice versa.

but when user checkout as a guest and check the box "create an account for later use" it will create an account in magento only.I want to register the same user in php site also.

I am using onepage checkout method.Can anybody tell me which file or function i have to edit for this?


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i think you should hook into the event "customer_save_after", then you could also save the updates which the users do on their data...


there you can get the customerdata with:

$customerModel = $event->getObserver()->getObjectData();

and save it in the other Database...


You will need to enter in .domain.com in Magentos admin->system->configuration->web->cookie domain. You will need to make the cookie available to your other subdomains in order for it to be read. This is the same with all web applications.


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