I have a store-view for the Hebrew language. In which, category URL using the suffix .html.

for example- http://www.example.com/store/index.php/language/category.html

Now, I have created new store-view for another language In which category URL are not the same, default category URL(with category id) is using in newly created store-view.

for example- http://www.example.com/store/index.php/new_language/catalog/category/view/s/cream-filled-desserts/id/153/

How can I add the same category URL with .html suffix for newly created store-view.

I am using magento

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Have you reindexed, after creating the new store view?

On the server, from the Magento root, run the following:

php shell/indexer.php reindexall

Then, flush cache and test.

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  • The issue has been fixed, it was the re-indexing issue. – Vinod Kumar Aug 2 '17 at 4:03

After to selecting store view from admin panel > catalog > Manage categories you need to uncheck the "URL Key" checkbox and save it. Then you need to reindex and clear the cache. It will work.

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