This is not a real question, just a compilation of known bugs in the latest Magento version.

I would like to have a complete list of known bugs, so that they can be fixed in Magento-LTS, if not by Magento itself.

Some I found here....

I know there's a lot more, but I don't have them all on the screen. Therefore, please link contributions to real bugs here.

FYI: Magento-LTS is a community driven fork which accepts bugfixes and improvements (in some cases). The project is managed by some AoE people and some well-known names. It is not bloated with features that can be covered by extensions, but mainly refers to core bugs. In my opinion, the better alternative to the official version.

I use it myself and would like to fix as many bugs as possible. It would be nice if you linked known problems here.

FYI2: a small overview of what has already been fixed can be found here: CHANGELOG (not quite up-to-date)

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