Can somebody tell me how can i regenerate category URLS in magento 2?

I did not found any solution or module, that can help me.

Here i found module, that regenerate URLs for products and it's work fine, but i need to regenerate category urls.

So, can somebody help me?


  • Have you try reindexing ?
    – Pawan
    Jul 29, 2017 at 16:13

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Extension IndexerUrlRewrite regenerate product urls, category urls and cms page urls.


The only thing that worked for me is, do everything by hand in the

Marketing > URL Rewrite section and select on the left top drop down

Create URL Rewrite: for category

Very tiring procedure when you have like 500 categories and subcategories


You can use my extension: https://github.com/olegkoval/magento2-regenerate_url_rewrites

It regenerate Url Rewrites for products and for categories.

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