I am trying to increase session time out limit to 10 days in magento for non logged in customer but it is expiring before may be witthin 1 days. I went to System->Configuration->Web->Session Cookie management and set 864000 value for the field Cookie Life time but still it is not expiring the session in specified time out limit. I don't know what is wrong with Magento frontend session.

My .user.ini file contains

session.cookie_lifetime = 864000
session.gc_maxlifetime = 864000
memory_limit = -1
date.timezone = Asia/Kolkata
session.save_handler = redis

Cookie time is also correct. My Current time is 29/07/2017 03:41

cookie setting

Am I setting the limit at right place? Is there any other setting in magento backend to set the frontend session time out limit. server managed by serverpilot and also using cloudflare


  • I'm using redis server. local.xml files contains

    enter image description here

  • found in domain header


expires=Tue, 08-Aug-2017 10:45:53 GMT;

Max-Age=864000; path=/;


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How do you know that the session has expired? If carts are being emptied after one day, check quote lifetime.


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