Simply put: How to make a configurable product with different images and different prices for each?

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I was under the assumption that configurable products pull its configuration from other products. If I have 4 options, it will pull the data (price, quantity, image) of the products that are set during the making of the main configurable product.

Let's say I need to create a configurable product (flower bouquet). And this bouquet comes in different arrangements, good, better, best, and deluxe and each has its arrangement has its own price, image, and quantity.

My question is, where do I set the images for a configurable product?

The way I'm doing it now is by:

  • Create a new configurable product --> Create configuration
  • Select Attributes (I would create a new one for this example)
  • I will choose 'visual swatch' for -> Catalog Input Type
  • Then I will add options in the section: Manage Options (Values of Your Attribute)

Now here where I get confused. Do I add the 4 product photos here, in the attribute?

Because in the next screen, I will also add the details for 4 products. I will set the price, image, quantity, SKU etc.

But at the front end (customer view) the images are being pulled from the switch. (I found out because if I don't set images for the swatch, the little squares under the product title will come blank).

So as for the images I uploaded for each product, what are they for if they won't be shown?

If only the images that come from the switch, does that mean I have to set a different swatch attr for every configurable product?

So here, I don't upload an image for the swatch:

enter image description here

Here, it shows that I have 4 products being set with images: enter image description here

Obviously, it shows blank squares: enter image description here

Now I went back and added an image to the attribute (the visual swatch) and refreshed the page: enter image description here

The front end now shows the swatches with images, but when I click on one, it doesn't update the main product image. Notice I'm selecting an image labeled 2 and hovering over an image labeled 3, and the product shows image labeled 1.

enter image description here

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