I don't know is it possible or not.

I want to redirect user to system configuration when user logged in to admin.

Is it possible ?

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Think something like this was already asked here: how to set start page in backend magento for different role user in magento.

You just have to change adminRedirect() mehtod to fit for your needs, like adjust getUrl('adminhtml/sales_order') to getUrl('adminhtml/system_config/edit/section/yor_tab'). Since you have no check for user role this should be enough for Observer.php:

$response = Mage::app()->getResponse();

Answer from linked question:

There is no native function too achive this.

But you can use admin_session_user_login_success event for this.

To implement magento event observer refer this link

then add event in your config.xml file


Then add this code in you observer file.

i.e., Path : app/code/{your-codepool}/{namespace}/{module}/Model/Observer.php

public function adminRedirect($observer)
    //get admin user id from observer
    $currentUserId = $observer->getuser()->getId();
    //get User Role
    $userRole = Mage::getModel('admin/user')->load($currentUserId)->getRole()->getRoleName();
    if ($userRole == 'sales') {
             // If user role is sales then it'll redirect to the sales order list page
        $response = Mage::app()->getResponse();
    return $this;

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