This question or similar have been asked in here and here nevertheless none of the provided answers offer the result I am trying to achieve.

Lets say you want to limit the backorder qty.

You create an extra product attribute where you store the maximum quantity allowed for backorders.

So if a product has qty 10 and backorder_limit 5 you want a customer to be able to add to the cart and buy 15 but showing the message:

"We don't have as many "xxxx" as you requested, but we'll back order the remaining 5."

If the customer try to add 1 or more to the cart you want to prevent this and show the message:

We don't have as many "xxxx" as you requested.

and prevent the extra qty to be added to the cart.

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So far I have solved the issue as follow:

  • I created and extra product attribute to specify backorder_limit.
  • Then, I used a plugin in \Magento\CatalogInventory\Model\Quote\Item\QuantityValidator\Initializer\StockItem to intercept and hook around the Initialize method in StockItem class.

There I limited the quoteItem qty to MaxAllowedQty.

 * @param StockStateProvider $subject
 * @param callable           $proceed
 * @param Item               $stockItem
 * @param QuoteItem          $quoteItem
 * @param int                $qty
 * @return \Magento\Framework\DataObject
public function aroundInitialize($subject, callable $proceed, $stockItem, $quoteItem, $qty)
    /** @var \Magento\Framework\DataObject $result */
    $result = $proceed($stockItem, $quoteItem, $qty);

    if ($stockItem->getBackorders()) {
        if ($this->getMaxAllowedQty($stockItem, $quoteItem) - $result->getData('orig_qty') < 0) {

            $quoteItem->setData('qty', $this->getMaxAllowedQty($stockItem, $quoteItem));

                __('Quantity was recalculated from %1 to %2', $result->getData('orig_qty'), $this->getMaxAllowedQty($stockItem, $quoteItem)));


    return $result;

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