I have changed per page setting to 500 in Catalog Product Grid page. It could not load that much of product and gave me error. Now it is somehow saved in somewhere, and every time I visit the Product Grid page, it cannot load products and gives error.

How can I reset the filter settings in Product Grid page?

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The filter settings are stored in ui_bookmark table. It has the following columns:

  • bookmark_id,
  • user_id,
  • namespace,
  • identifier,
  • current,
  • title,
  • config,
  • created_at,
  • updated_at

You can delete the row with your user_id, or just truncate that table.


Alternatively you can use https://github.com/magenizr/Magenizr_ResetUiBookmarks which does exactly the same what you have explained above. This module will add a reset button on the Account Settings page in the backend. Once you hit the Reset UI Bookmarks button, it will delete all records from ui_bookmark based on the current user_id.

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