I want to select all the products SKU which have special price through mysql query.

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For Magento 1.9. Here 76 is attribute_id for special_price attribute.

select cpe.sku,cpe.type_id, cped.store_id, cped.value from catalog_product_entity_decimal cped
RIGHT OUTER JOIN catalog_product_entity cpe on cpe.entity_id = cped.entity_id 
where cped.attribute_id=76
order by cpe.type_id
  • But this won't be the applied final price, need to check the dates also.
    – MagePsycho
    Commented Aug 1, 2017 at 18:29

here is mysql query (please note that table name can contain prefixes)

select e.sku,pd.store_id, pd.value from catalog_product_entity as e 
inner join  catalog_product_entity_decimal as pd on e.entity_id = pd.entity_id 
inner join eav_attribute as a on pd.attribute_id = a.attribute_id 
where a.attribute_code="special_price"

Below code works perfectly for me.

SELECT e.sku,pd.store_id, pd.value FROM catalog_product_entity AS e

INNER JOIN catalog_product_entity_decimal AS pd ON e.entity_id = pd.entity_id

INNER JOIN eav_attribute AS a ON pd.attribute_id = a.attribute_id

WHERE a.attribute_code="special_price"

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