The table catalog_product_link_attribute_int is huge in a couple of stores I have built.

A store with 1600 products has this table at 771MiB in which is over 10x the size of the next largest table. It makes the store awkward to backup or migrate and it can't be normal. On other sites it's usually around 50kb but on at least one other site it is over 700Mib.

Is this table safe to truncate? What does it actually do?

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catalog_product_link is the table that holds the data when you create related products, upsells, etc.

The link_id of that table links to the catalog_product_link_attribute_int.

The product_link_attribute_id of that table links to the catalog_product_link_attribute table.

The link_type_id of that table links to the catalog_product_link_type table.

In English, catalog_product_link_attribute_int holds some integer type information about a catalog_product_link row. For example, the position it has, so Magento knows what order to position the related products when displaying them.

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