I have created custom module for get category's products which are assigned to particular category like "Featured Product". Feature product is a category and it has a many products. i got that array by developing custom module but i don't know how to get resized image for that product.

please help me Thank you.

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You can use the below function to resize the product base image and get resized image URL.

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\Context $productContext,
) {    
    $this->productImageHelper = $productContext->getImageHelper();

function getImageUrl($productObject)
     $width = 180;
     $height = 180;

     $resizedImage = $this->productImageHelper
        ->init($productObject, 'product_base_image')
        ->resize($width, $height)

      return $resizedImage;

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