I have created a custom header container and placed inside


Now the content I need is showing up, but also displaying default header contents link links, welcome message, search, logo and titles.

I tried removing them by remove="true" in frontend default.xml, it removes my custom design as well.

Please correct me or let me know how I can use a custom header. Right way of doing it. Thanks

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To create a custom header, you must create a default.xml layout in design/fontend//default/Magento-Theme/layout In this layout you can remove blocks you don't want. The original template in Magento is in app/code/Magento/Theme/view/frontend/layout/default.xml

To remove a block just write : or It depends on which block. Some blocks are necessary to Magento, for example because they have some important js files include. So you can not displayed them but not remove.

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