I've created a module that has frontend page. I want to pass parameters to that page. When i enter http://mydomain.com/news - it shows me my page but when i cal http://mydomain.com/news/id/1 - it shows 404 error page.

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If your module uses the default routing system of magento {module}/{controller}/{action}, it doesn't work in your case because Magento is looking for the class named IdController and the method 1Action (this can not even exist).

if the controller name and/or action name are missing Magento uses index for them.

And since the url /news/ works, I assume it is handled by the indexAction from the IndexController.

If you want to pass parameters you have 2 options:

Option 1
Pass them as simple GET parameters: /news/?id=1.

Option 2
Use the full action url: /news/index/index/id/1.


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