I want to add ?v=20170721 after css file


I tried to set "yes" in sign static files but this is not what I want

How to force the customers update their CSS in client side?

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I found out where to control the header content.

I create a preference and override the function renderAssetGroup() in Magento\Framework\View\Page\Config\Renderer

protected function renderAssetGroup(\Magento\Framework\View\Asset\PropertyGroup $group)
    $groupAssets = $this->processMerge($group->getAll(), $group);

    $attributes = $this->getGroupAttributes($group);
    $attributes = $this->addDefaultAttributes(

    $groupTemplate = $this->getAssetTemplate(

    $version = '20170809';
    $getPath = $this->renderAssetHtml($groupTemplate, $groupAssets);
    if(strpos($getPath, '.css"') !== false){
        $getPath = str_replace('.css"', '.css?v='.$version.'"', $getPath);
    if(strpos($getPath, '.js"') !== false){
        $getPath = str_replace('.js"', '.js?v='.$version.'"', $getPath);

    $groupHtml = $getPath;
    $groupHtml = $this->processIeCondition($groupHtml, $group);
    return $groupHtml;

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