Am new to magento and I have developed one magento website. If I want to make the site for mobile application,how can I do that? Is there any way or option or plugins availble or else I need to do new app separately. Anyone can give me solution or any link is available to proceed for app?

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Credits : AndroidGeek for link

There are few Steps for that::

  1. Magento offers two API's to develop your app in Android
    a. SOAP API
    b. XML-RPC

  2. If you want to use XMLRPC API,then you have to download it's library and use it in your Project.

  3. You have to create a New User in your Magento Store with roles.That you can do by loging in to your Admin module and the option is under the system->WebServices->User && Roles...You have to create first roles and then create a user and assign the roles to the User.
  4. You have to use the UserName and APIKey that you give in the Magento Store for calling the login Function.
  5. Calling the Login function,you will Receive a Session Id,that you have to store and Use it in your further calls.

Some of the helpful links to get Started Are::

  1. Link-1
  2. Link-2
  3. Link-3
  4. Link-4


  1. My Questions And their Solutions On SO

plugins [Not tested] :



Below are some more links that will help :

apk file required for creating mobile app for magento

Magento Mobile App - How to create it?

is it possible to create mobile app using the rest api / or soap?

Best option for Magento Mobile APP API


If your eyes are on to create a mobile app for your website then I would advise you to go with Magento Mobile App Builder. This plugin is a ready-made framework which converts an online website into an app without involving you in any sort of coding or programming.

For more info:


Magento 2

I hope this helps you to create a better mobile app for your website.

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