How can u upgrade To through FTP. I am on shared hosting so i don't have ssh access. Which are the fires and folder do i need to replace ?

Please Any one can give me a step by step procedure...

Thank you


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Step1: Take the backup of downloader->.htaccess and rename it

Step2: Go to root pkginfo->delte Mage_All_Latest.txt

Step3: load admin->downloader-:Magento conectmanager and login

check for upgrades next check all the Magento files except custom modules

Step 4: Click on commit changes

Step 5: It will take time next

Step 6: After completing delete the maintanace.flag in root folder

revert downloader .htaccess

remove cache and session.

Step 7: Check all your changes:

replace all you core files by meld if any:



You can upload all files of through ftp.

  • package should not have local.xml file.
  • When you will upload file, then it should just replace existing file or merge new file. It should not delete files

When all file will upload successfully, then open the URL in the browser. It will automatically update your database accordingly.

Note: Please take database backup before doing above steps. If someone coded in core files that is not recommended, may be deleted/overwrite.


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