I am trying to convert below code in magento2. I'm unable to find equivalent class of Mage::getModel('tax/calculation') in Magento2.

$taxCalculation = Mage::getModel('tax/calculation');
$request = $taxCalculation->getRateRequest(null, null, null, $store);
$taxClassId = $_product->getTaxClassId();
$percent = $taxCalculation->getRate($request->setProductClassId($taxClassId));

Help appreciated.

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in your block file

protected  $calculation;

public function __construct(
\Magento\Backend\Block\Template\Context $context,
\Magento\Tax\Model\Calculation $calculation,
) {
 $this->calculation = $calculation;

public function yourmethod()
  $taxCalculation = $this->calculation;
  $request        = $taxCalculation->getRateRequest(null, null, null, $store);
  $taxClassId     = $_product->getTaxClassId();
  $percent        = $taxCalculation->getRate($request->setProductClassId($taxClassId));
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Magento 2 has a separate module for tax calculations module-tax. There you can find the equivalent of the Mage_Tax_Model_Calculation class.


namespace Magento\Tax\Model;

class Calculation extends \Magento\Framework\Model\AbstractModel

This class also contains the methods getRateRequest() and getRate().


If you are using an block you can create a protected variable:


protected $_taxCalculation;


And declaret model on construct:

public function __construct( ...
    \Magento\Tax\Model\TaxCalculation $taxCalculation
   $this->_taxCalculation = $taxCalculation;


Now you can use functions of TaxCalculation model from: /vendor/magento/module-tax/Model/TaxCalculation.php

For example:

public function myFunction(){
   return $this->_taxCalculation->getRate(1);
$taxCalculation = Mage::getModel('tax/calculation');

equivalent class in Magento 2 Please inject Magento\Tax\Model\TaxCalculation $taxCalculation

getRateRequest,getRate his method is in (Magento\Tax\Model\TaxCalculation) model

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