In Magento 1 there was a configuration option to choose alternative options for the search function, how would I go about achieving an 'AND' operator for searches in Magento 2?

The current default appears to be 'LIKE'. So if I search for 'Nike Trainers' I'll get all Nike trainers, all trainers and all Nike products.


create a file search_request.xml in your module's etc folder ,

copy the entire node from vendor/Magento/CatalogSearch/etc/search_request.xml

and change

<queryReference clause="should" ref="search" />

to this

<queryReference clause="must" ref="search" />
  • Hi, I followed this and now the search synonyms are not working. If I add synonyms: read,rid then searching read or rid comes up with no result. Please help.! – ishu Feb 25 at 6:29

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