I tried to add Time Stamp column on some tables under this issue. But some fatal errors came out after adding Time Stamp. Because I just create column without setting on either foreign key or primary key.

Anyway, i drop that column but i can face some issues.

I have some simple products on website, when i try to add them to cart but i see the error sql messages

enter image description here

What causes this problem? I even delete the column under the issue !

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Check out WHERE clause in this SQL:

WHERE (`e`.`entity_type_id` = '9') 
  AND (()) 
  AND (IF(at_is_active.value_id > 0, at_is_active.value, at_is_active_default.value) = '1')

There is empty AND which is invalid. Check or post the code that creates the collection. I assume that you were using this column in the where clause in a way that now it is not appended.

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