i want to know the magento 2 rest api for add product to cart am trying post /rest/V1/guest-cart and am getting cart_id then post /rest/V1/:card_id/items in postman and am getting error like

    "message": "%fieldName is a required field.",
    "parameters": {
        "fieldName": "cartItem"

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This way only for registered customers:

Request path -

Where 3 is your cart id

Method: POST

BODY: { "cartItem" : { "sku": "24-MB01", "qty": "1", "quote_id": 3 } }

Cart Id ( quote_id ) you can retrieve via:

Method: POST

The response will be similar to:


Checked via Postman


here is the swagger documentation of Magento2 Rest endpoints, please search for quoteGuestCartItemRepositoryV1, there are some helpful examples, data structure etc.

swagger doc


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