I've created a custom grid module and now I am trying to create and upload image for the Form.php. When I save it the image it gets uploaded to the right location which is 👍 but it does not save the path in the database.

I am following this thread Marius's Answer

Sorry I can not comment on Marius's post, I don't have enough reputation.😞 Can anyone help me with this please? Thank you in Advance.

  • @Jay. Thank's for your edit suggestion it's really helpfull, I wonder if you can really help me with this issue please?. – Juliano Vargas Jul 13 '17 at 9:07

I've found the issue why it wasn't saving the path I realize that it was because the function setImageFieldName $[entity]->setImageFieldName($imageName); didn't exit in my model\[Entity] so I created one.


public function setImageFieldName()
    return $this->getData(self::IMAGE);

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