I know about the feature of Admin Account Sharing of magento2. Using this feature if someone login to admin panel from another device then already logged in user get expired session error and logged out automatically.

But I want if any admin user is already login in admin panel and same user or another user try to login in admin panel then user will get message that any admin user already logged in system.

So Is there any setting in magento2 for this or any extension for this?

If no then How can I develop my own module to to so?

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Hello you can merge up two thing.

First at admin login event you can check weather admin login or not.

for admin login event you can use this event

magento 2 proper way of using the events to capture the admin login success and login failure

for this you can take reference of this post

Magento 2 How to check if Admin Logged on frontend

by merging up above two post you can get your answer

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