Does anyone know where to find the translation file for this line "Buy 2 for $84.60..." ?

I am trying to change the default Chinese text in the 2nd pic. I am using Magento ver.

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Translation file are located in the location bellow, you can change to this file to translate line or word.


The best way to override Translation is to add a new translate.csv file in your theme in following path :


Here is an example to create new file in theme and translate word or lines.


There are three options of translation in Magento :

1) Inline Translation = System -> Configuration -> Developer -> Translate Inline

2) Theme translation = app/design/frontend/{yourpackage}/{yourtheme}/locale/language_ISO/translate.csv

3) Module translations = app/locale/{language_code}_{country_code}/{namespace}_{module}.csv

So the easiest for you if you don't find the path, use the first method (1) it's the highest one of priority and the translation will be stored in the database.

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