I am having issue on my website after updating magento version from sometime proceed to checkoutand add to cart option does not work. and my admin is also running slow. When I Select NO - Enable Form Key Validation On Checkout. Everything works perfectly. I do not know what is the issue related to form key validation. can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

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if Enable Form Key Validation On Checkout - yes. Need to confirm echo $this->getBlockHtml('formkey') is passed in your form.

If the formkey is not passed in your form. it will not work.

Please check your inspect element and check http-header and confirm formkey is passed in your form.


I've had this issue when I enabled Form Key Validation and did NOT clear Magento cache and browser cache, It would get suck at Payment methods. I used fresh browser with cleared cache, checkout started to work properly.

Also, Rama made a good point, if what I have mentioned doesn't work. Then you need to set form-key in checkout page. Possibly you are using non-generic Magento checkout.

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