If the customer is in a certain customer group category, what is the most efficient way to prevent stock decrease once the order is placed?

I want the quantity to remain unchanged only for some customers after they place an order.

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You can add an observer for sales_order_save_after and try this:


public function salesOrderSaveAfter(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)
    $order   = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();
    $groupId = $order->getQuote()->getCustomerGroupId();
    # adjust group ID
    if ($groupId == '1') {
        $items = $order->getItemsCollection();
        foreach ($items as $item) {
            $product   = $item->getProduct();
            $stockItem = $product->getStockItem();
  • Very nice workaround. Will try to create observer.php in local directory and test it out.
    – Icon
    Jul 18, 2017 at 3:12

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