I am create SMS module and in SMS template i use custom variable such as {{var customer.getName()}} .

How i can convert this variable to same variable for example if user use {{var customer.getName()}} in SMS template when SMS was sent customer see his/here name in SMS

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I create this method

    private function replace($string, $customer='', $order=''){

            $string=explode(" ",$string);
            foreach ($string as $item){
                if(strpos($item,'$') !== false){

                       $new_word= $customer->$c_word();

                        $new_word= $order->$o_word();


                $str.=" ".$new_word;

            return $str;

I know this way is not a magento way but for now fixed my problem and i am stay in waiting for better way

            $this->replace("hi $customer.name your id is $customer.id ",$customer,$order);

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