System - configuration - Sales - Tax - Shop display Settings set to Yes the option "Display Full Tax Summary" is showing tax like below

Grand Total Excl. Tax Rs. 650.00
SGST (9%)
                                       Rs. 117.00
CGST (9%)
Grand Total Incl. Tax Rs. 767.00

How to show each tax amount separately?

Grand Total Excl. Tax Rs. 650.00
SGST (9%)                    Rs. 58.5
CGST (9%)                    Rs. 58.5
Grand Total Incl. Tax Rs. 767.00

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Credits : Magecomp link

To bifurcate GST taxes to show separately in all the order related documents, go to

go to and copy app\design\frontend\base\default\template\tax\order\tax.phtml

<?php if ($isFirst): ?>
                <td <?php echo $this->getValueProperties()?> rowspan=" 1 <?php echo count($rates); ?>">
                    <?php echo $_order->formatPrice($amount); ?>
            <?php endif; ?>

and paste at app\design\frontend\[theme_package]\template\tax\order And replace code as shown below:

<?php //if ($isFirst): ?>
                <td <?php echo $this->getValueProperties()?> rowspan=" 1 <?php //echo count($rates); ?>">
                    <?php echo $_order->formatPrice($amount / ($percent/(float)$rate['percent']) ); ?>
            <?php //endif; ?>

Now you can see you can see the detailed tax charges with the bifurcation of SGST and CGST taxes in cart, checkout, invoice, credit memo, shipment, my account order view and Emails.

Result :

enter image description here

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    cool, its working like charm .,
    – Kanagan
    Sep 30, 2017 at 7:43

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