When I use safari, the products aren't added to cart. I dont see errors in the console or logs.

It works in localhost, but not in live server.


I realized that when I add the product the first time, it works, but if I remove it and try to add it again I can`t any more

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I think that this issue causes due to session cookie ! try to check and set this config :

1) system->configuration->web->session, cookie management section, set cookie lifetime:0 cookie path:{you put nothig} cookie domain:{you put nothig} Use Http only:yes cookie restriction mode:no.

2) In server, check the right permissions of folders.

3) Clear your Magento and browser cache.


Be sure you have set cookie domain .yourdomain.com

Increase your server memory. See the server memory in phpinfo() .

Clear your safari cache

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