I'm trying to adapt a module from prestashop to Magento. In this module my page is calling a script js with angular.js then the script himself have some function to interact from the controller who's getting a function from a class.

so i have in my phtml (the code is still for Prestashop for the moment):

<tr ng-repeat="(keyDescReplace,descReplace) in descReplaces">
                <td>{{ descReplace.toreplace }}</td>  //this is the calling of angular js
                <td>{{ descReplace.replaceby }}</td>  //this is the calling of angular js

then in my js script i have


in my controller i have

public function ajaxProcessGetDescReplaces()
            'descReplaces' => getAll()

and finally in my class i have

public function getAll(){
    $data = array();
    $model = $this->contactFactory->create();
    $newData = $model->getCollection();
    foreach ($newData as $d )  {
        echo $d->getToreplace();
        echo $d->getReplaceby();

    // the base code was   return Db::getInstance()->executeS('SELECT * FROM `my table');

i know it's not very clear but can someone help me pls to adapt the code to link the controller to the block so he can get the getAll() function.

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You can call Block function inside controller using below way,

$getBlock = $this->getLayout()->createBlock("Mymodule\Adminpange\Block\Customblock");

Where Mymodule\Adminpange\Block\Customblock pass your block class path.

  • hello @Rakesh Jesadiya , i used this but getting internal server 500 error in my controller Jul 18, 2019 at 5:23

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