I created my own module, the table is created in the database and in a phtml I can call:

$res = $model->getExample();

and effectively it function is called.

In Model:

protected function _construct() {
    $this->_init('table_name', 'column_id');
public function getExample(){
    $result = $this->getData();

but 'result' is empty and I know there're data in a database, so... what's the problem?


gettype($this) // is object

$this->load() // Call to a member function load() on a non-object

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You can use

  • I don't understand, I want to get data from the database inside the Model Jul 6, 2017 at 11:47

To get Data from your model you can call your model directly

//If you want to load from ID


// If You want collection


// If you want from a method defined in your model

// In your model Define a function

public function getMyData(){
    return $this->getCollection(); // Varien Object
    // return return $this->getCollection()->getData(); // Array


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