I have the following situation:

i have configurable product X which has the price let's say 50$.

Now for this product X there are 3 simple products associated on the Size attribute, let's say A,B,C product

Product A - has +1$ more then product X => total price - 51$

Product B- ...2$ more ..=> 52$

Now the problem:

If i set a discount the configurable product has the discounted price ok.

But for the simple products the discount it calculated like this: The acctual price for the product A = product X discounted(50%) + 1$

What I wish for the product A price is to be like this: 51$ discounted price, not 50$(configurabile product discounted) and then add 1$ after this price.

Does anyone know how can i solve this problem?

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This is not possible out of the box. One option is to install an extension. (Something like Configurable Products Simple Prices) (other extensions almost certainly will exist)

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