I am using Magento version 2.1.7. When I install an extension in my magento it doesn't check php version.

Earlier it show that cron hasn't been configured yet error. For that I changed the cron check & updater check as 'success' to skip the checking of cron. Now it is not checking the php version in my system.

My php version is 7.0.2 & I have set the memory_limit=1024M in php.ini file.

I am using XAMPP for the apache in windows.

  • I am using magento version 2.0.3, i need to upgrade using default methoid, how can i setup cron in localhost wamp windows.
    – zus
    Commented Mar 31, 2018 at 7:46
  • There is no matter that which ever magento you are using, & this question is regarding run the default cron of magento. Commented Mar 31, 2018 at 7:51
  • If you want to setup cron for magento in your windows just do follow this link magecomp.com/blog/set-up-magento-2-cron-in-xampp-windows Commented Mar 31, 2018 at 7:53
  • But I don't think that you need to setup any cron in windows for the upgradation Commented Mar 31, 2018 at 7:58
  • 1
    The above solved my issue as well Commented Aug 14, 2018 at 7:48

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I am putting this answer that How it worked for me.

Went to Magento Directory opened CMD there & Ran below commands. To run the cron separately.

Php bin/magento cron:run

php update/cron.php

php bin/magento setup:cron:run

Than ran the readiness check again & it worked.

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