After: php-cli bin/magento setup:upgrade

Getting see image: enter image description here

Anyone an idea?


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This issue raised due to Theme

As per as,your shared picture, you have installed Codazon Fastest/Any Codazon theme at your system.

This theme must have any issue and issue arise as Magento does not validated that theme

See at Magento\Framework\View\Design\Theme\Validator method _setTitleValidators.

May be any theme of codazon does not define theme name theme.xml.

Or May be you have an issue in composer.json of theme or Codazon module

See magento some details at https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/840


Check your SQL files. May be missing default value for the column.


Few steps to solve your above problem:-

1.) Check your: app/design/frontend/Vendor/yourtheme/theme.xml and check if it has got <title></title> tag has got a value and it is not empty

2.) Clear your var/ and generation/ or generated/ folder and run your setup:upgrade again.

3.) Check if your database has entry for that particular theme or not.


Have indeed delete the themes I don't use from the FTP and now it works, I think same works for SQL, so with this advice I came to this solution, thanks


This error can have multiple causes, as @amit-bera mentions: a theme.xml file can have an empty title-field, or (as in my case) a row in the 'theme'-table within your database has an empty value within the 'theme_title' column.


check if there is any directories that may have been mistakenly created by you in the Theme Directory Structure even an empty directory will be thought as a theme by magento structure and since this empty directory does not have any theme.xml in it, then it will throw an error


Not sure if this will help someone, but in my case, the problem was I had inherited a slightly mangled database and there was a record in the theme table that had a theme with no title. Deleted that record to resolve the problem.


... or something along those lines.


I got similar issue while installing the Fastest Codazon. To fix this issue check the theme.xml and composer.json files. some themes don't have all the files so added teh fashion theme from the codazon theme. its works properly.

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