I have created custom email template in magento2. Mail function is working fine, but subject is not sent in that email. How can I add the subject in my custom email template.

$transport = $this->transportBuilder
                'area' => \Magento\Framework\App\Area::AREA_FRONTEND,
                'store' => \Magento\Store\Model\Store::DEFAULT_STORE_ID,

You can write email subject to in your email .html file

<!--@subject {{trans "Your Subject Write Here "}}  @-->

You can pass subject dynamic by follow below example

<!--@subject {{trans "Welcome to %store_name" store_name=$store.getFrontendName()}} @-->
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  • It's working fine thanks.I have another doubt in case if it dynamic means how can we pass to email.html file – Jeeva Chezhiyan Jun 28 '17 at 9:47
  • See my updated answer. – Suresh Chikani Jun 28 '17 at 9:53
  • 1
    @SureshChikani i would like to add in the controller how to do? – Nagaraju K Jul 10 '18 at 7:02

please make ensure you added the below line in your email template file.

<!--@subject Subject Of your email  @-->

More reference follow the link


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Use the method clearSubject(), but to apply when you are to call getMessage() method, let this example over here

$transport = $this->transportBuilder->setTemplateIdentifier('send_email_email_template')
                    ->setTemplateOptions( [
                                                'area' => \Magento\Framework\App\Area::AREA_FRONTEND,
                                                'store' => \Magento\Store\Model\Store::DEFAULT_STORE_ID,
                    ->addTo($toEmail, '')
$transport->getMessage()->setMessageType( \Magento\Framework\Mail\MessageInterface::TYPE_HTML)->setBody($MyHtml)->clearSubject()->setSubject("MySubject");
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