Having trouble switching between languages on product view of Magento Already tried extensions/solutions from Vinai and DGagliardi resulting in same one-way redirection behaviour.

Our case:


  • Lithuanian (default)
  • English

Product info:

  • URL default: product-title-in-lithuanian
  • URL lithuanian: "Use Default Value"
  • URL english: product-title-in-english


  • from Lithuanian view:
    • being on /lt/product-title-in-lithuanian
    • switching to english sends to /en/product-title-in-lithuanian
    • which itself redirects properly with 301 to /en/product-title-in-english
  • from English view:
    • being on /en/product-title-in-english
    • switching to lithuanian sends to /lt/product-title-in-english
    • which DOES NOT redirect to /lt/product-title-in-lithuanian and ends with 404 error

Any tip what could be the problem here?

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    Easy described: The langauge switch expects the url key to be global, which you changed. No time to describe solution in detail, but there are two ways: either you add a redirect (if and only if) EVERY URL KEY is unique or you have to implement the mapping by yourself I think. Load the url_rewrite from the old store where you came from, get the product, get the correct url and redirect Commented Apr 9, 2014 at 11:39

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Found my problem - I was not using the ___from_store variable when switching store views. It is needed for the cross-view rewrite to happen properly. Restored the ___from_store in the language switch template with $_lang->getCurrentUrl() and it's working fine now with Vinai solution. No 404s... phew... finally...

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