On my website when I click on the product add to cart button then its display "HTTP ERROR 500" display.

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  • check your logs.... and also enabled developer mode – magento noob Jun 24 '17 at 5:52
  • check in incognito browser and refresh cache – Teja Bhagavan Kollepara Jun 24 '17 at 5:54
  • Same issue on incognito browser also – Gautam Jun 24 '17 at 6:04
  • Someone help on this – Gautam Jun 24 '17 at 11:48

If you are not sure where to find the web server logs (the error details are there), open index.php file and uncomment the following line

#ini_set('display_errors', 1);

So, you will have in result

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Save the file and try the add to cart operation once again. You should get the error details on your screen. Do not forget to comment the mentioned line once you have the error details, especially on the production environment.

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  • I apply same instruction which you have given but still 500 error been display – Gautam Jun 26 '17 at 5:37
  • Try checking /var/log/apache2/error.log on your server or, if there's no such directory, try /var/log/httpd/error.log. The errors log place depends on the server configuration. – Yaroslav Rogoza Jun 27 '17 at 10:03
  1. Clear the all Magento cache
  2. Clear all your browser cache.

Check the again it's working fine.

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