I am new to Magento and not very technical so apologies. The majority of the website seems to be working well, but on one specific product it keeps bringing up the warning "There has been an error processing your request. Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons". I have tried various suggestions from the forums, but don't have an errors or var/report on my system. Please can someone provide step by step instructions as to how to fix this, as it is one of my more popular products.

  • On your server there will be a var/reports directory. Look for the report number that was shown on the page when the error occurred and post its contents here
    – jscar
    Jun 23 '17 at 9:20

If you don't have errors in the var/report directory, try to enable error displaying temporarily. Go to the error folder in the Magento installation directory and duplicate the local.xml.sample file with name local.xml. In that way you will have the error details directly in your browser. If you are doing that on the production environment, do not forget to remove the local.xml after debugging.

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