I am getting issue with magento format price by JS. This is not rounding correctly.

For example: A product has price $69.95 and catalog rule also applied on this. New special price comes after applied price rule is 54.955.

Now when i format this new special price using optionsPrice.formatPrice(54.555). It returns $54.55 instead $54.56.

When I changed the value 54.556 or 54.5555, It is rounding correctly.


I have fixed this issue after 5 hour digging the code. Issue has fixed by override formatCurrency method in file js/varien/js.js. Changes are given below :

File : js/varien/js.js

Add following line :

price = price*100;
price = Math.round(price.toPrecision(10))/100;

Before :

var i = parseInt(price = Math.abs(+price || 0).toFixed(precision)) + "";
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