Through Magmi I made a mass import.

I did a test by adding to the field short_description the value 'test test test' Then I added the correct values with a second import. But this happens

From here it's all ok:

enter image description here

Whether within the product this:

enter image description here

The problem is about 5000 products

I noticed that the change only takes effect if, within the product, I change something in the short description (for example I write 'test test test test'), save and I start the Magmi, so the new import works

How can I fix it?

I've already done reindex and clear cache, but nothing


In my case it started working after I did show create table catalog_product_entity_text:) go figure

I will describe the general steps you can take to identify the problem.

Here is how to debug it:

  1. open up magmi/engines/magmi_productimportengine.php and add some debugging code after line 1097:

    1097                 $sql .= " ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `value`=VALUES(`value`)";
    1098                 /*HACK*/
    1099                 if($cpet == 'catalog_product_entity_text'){
    1100                 $this->log($sql,"warning");
    1101                 $this->log(print_r($data,true),"warning");
    1102                 } 

    Now when you run magmi you should get warnings like these: enter image description here Now you know what SQL command is executed to update short_description and with what parameters.

  2. Find attribute_id of short_description (in my case it is 73):

    select attribute_id from eav_attribute where attribute_code='short_description' and entity_type_id=(SELECT entity_type_id FROM eav_entity_type WHERE entity_type_code='catalog_product');
  3. See in warnings if you can find Array with [1] => 73. If not open up magmi/engines/magmi_productimportengine.php and debug your way up to an error.

  4. If you can find [1] => 73 connect to Mysql and issue that SQL update query:

    INSERT INTO catalog_product_entity_text
    (`entity_type_id`, `attribute_id`, `store_id`, `entity_id`, 

In place of ? enter:

  • entity_type_id = (SELECT entity_type_id FROM eav_entity_type WHERE entity_type_code='catalog_product'
  • attribute_id - see #2
  • store_id - your store_id, in my case it is 0
  • entity_id = your product id
  • value - your short description

If that sql query doesn't update your data double check your table structure and MySQL database configuration.

Report back what you find out.

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