DemacMedia Magento-Multi-Location-Inventory extension installed to store. Working good and mass stock upload is also working

Added picture to show module and explaining what I want to do.


It is showing Multi-Location QTY info only inside of Edit Product Page

I tried many things to put Location+QTY info to Order view page (sales_order/view/order)

Tried to add variation of below data to


but nothing changed. I want see below data (location+qty) at view order page.

$this->getLocationsInventories() as $_location)

$_location['code'], $_location['qty']

Below code is original Multi-location file of module.


<?php foreach ($this->getLocationsInventories() as $_location): ?>
                            <?php echo $_location['name'] ?>
                            <input type="text"
                                   name="multilocationinventory[<?php echo $_location['id'] ?>][quantity]"
                                   class="input-text validate-number"
                                   <?php echo ($_location['manage_stock'] === "1") ? '' : 'style="visibility:hidden;"' ?>
                                   value="<?php echo $_location['qty'] ?>"/>

Catalog/Manage Product + Order View Picture

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add this before table add this


  <?php $product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')
->loadByAttribute('sku', $_item->getSku(), array('Id'));
    $locationStockCollection = Mage::getModel('demac_multilocationinventory/location')->getCollection();
    $locationStockCollection->joinStockDataOnProductAndStoreView($product->getId(), 1);
    $locations = array();
        foreach ($locationStockCollection as $locationStock) { ?>
    <?php if ($locationStock->getQty()>0){?>
        <td><? echo $locationStock['name'];?> </td>
        <td><strong><? echo floatval($locationStock->getQty());?> </strong></td>
    <?php } ?>


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