I have magento 2 store and when i create a sitemap it works ok , but after that when i want to access the newly created sitemap it throw 404 error page.i'm using nginx server.

how can i fix this ??

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Put your sitemap in the /pub/ folder:

enter image description here

Then go to http://www.domain.com/sitemap.xml


you should check the rules of nginx, the root dir of nginx is set to /pub/ but that is not the correct directory for nginx to search for the sitemaps. so you should configure a location for nginx one level under the pub (the real root dir of mage2) and there will nginx find the sitemaps. I create all sitemaps in a subdir "sitemaps". mine looks like this:

location /sitemaps/ {
        root /var/www/production/current;
        try_files $uri =404;
        allow all;

Pub folder the name suggests as publicly accessible folder, so moving the file sitemap.xml from HTML to the pub folder will resolve the issue

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