I want to get the collection of Product Finder data

(make, model, series, sku)

from product finder admin grid based on search keyword.

For now, Products and categories are searched using the keyword, but I don't know how to display the data from product finder on the basis of the search keyword.

If anyone has Idea, please suggest.

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You can get the collection using join the tables:


    $collection = Mage::getModel('amfinder/value')->getCollection();

    $collection->getSelect()->distinct(true)->joinLeft(array('am_finder_map'), "am_finder_map.value_id = main_table.value_id", array('sku'=> 'am_finder_map.sku','pid'=> 'am_finder_map.pid'))->group('main_table.value_id');
    $collection->getSelect()->distinct(true)->joinLeft(array('am_finder_dropdown'), "am_finder_dropdown.dropdown_id = main_table.dropdown_id", array('keyname'=> 'am_finder_dropdown.name','dropdown_id'=> 'am_finder_dropdown.dropdown_id'))->group('main_table.value_id');


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